Product / Service #1

Our # 1 priority will always be dedicated to be Of Service to the power sports and outdoor power equipment dealer. It’s my desire to offer years of experience couple with skills gained in many years of participating at various levels of sales, operations and management to help solve some simple or complex problems.

Product / Service #2

Our newly designed OldPartsNetWeb is definitely the flagship product that will continue to be defined and refined throughout the year. See the FAQ page here on our new learn more. You will need to fill out a registration form for approval to access the full site. We do this to underwrite our promise to serve a “Dealers Only” customer base with OldPartsNetWeb.

Product / Service #3

Independent Product Representation. Don’t think of this product or service as our third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of products/services we’ll be considering as we move along. We’ll be looking for something non-standard. Somewhat eclectic and a little bit outside the box.

One such item is the Stoptix automatically illuminating taillight lamp. See more about the product here on the MechOptix Website.

As Stated, we want the the products that we want to represent to our customers to be a little different. We want them to be profitable, fit the dealers needs and , preferably, not available through every street corner vendor around. Now, that’s not saying we have anything against big rep groups or the distributors. “Me To?” Been there, tried that and it’s tough man. . really tough. Dealers have enough to worry about trying to decide who this week they’ll get batteries, oil, tubes or tires from. It’s a game and in the good spirit of that, I can help with those decisions.

A thorough evaluation of your buying levels can tell if your leaving anything on the table. You need to be aware the difference between “Cost. . and . . Price”. I can help you with that.

Next Steps

To follow through and become a dealer for OldPartsNetWeb, Go here and fill out the Application/Customer Request Form It’s in-depth, but it has to be to properly hold our promise to you that our plan is to deal within the existing dealer network.

We’ll get back to you with additional information as to moving the process forward.